Ontological Coaching In Action

Are you interested in profound leadership training, developing coaching skills or an opportunity for substantive personal development in a professional environment?

Join Tony Liston, Alan Sieler and Ian Higginbottom for a profound learning experience that will allow you to:
• Engage in a powerful, highly effective approach to coaching, capable of generating deep positive change.
• Greatly increase your own ability and capacity for masterful living and action.
• Lead authentically with greater influence and impact.
• Develop more constructive and mutually fulfilling relationships in both your personal and professional life.

I don’t often explicitly recommend courses but this is an exception. I strongly recommend this workshop – a really reasonably priced course that focused on observer-based learning, including language, mood and embodiment of mood and how that impacts your way of being (in life and/or in the workplace) and whether that is serving you well. This course delivers significant value.
I found this course the most useful addition to my coach training that I have ever undertaken. As well as giving you skills to significantly enhance your life or executive coaching and broaden your skills as a leader and communicator – it is also an opportunity to explore your own way of being. You will learn as much about yourself as how to assist others.
Alan Sieler is a brilliant facilitator and educator.Lindy Bryant, Master Coach, Yellow Edge Pty Ltd, Canberra
When and Where
VENUE: The Meeting Room, University House, Australian National University, Cnr Balmain Crescent and Liversidge Street, Acton.
PRICE: $1,995

    Early Bird Discount – $1,695 payable in full by Early Bird Deadline

INCLUDED: Free parking, workbook, morning and afternoon tea.

Who Will Benefit From Attending This Workshop?
Ontological Coaching in Action is highly applicable for:
• Existing and aspiring coaches
• Organisational consultants, leaders and managers
• Professionals operating in highly people-focused environments
• Individuals interested in substantive personal development

ICF Approved Coach Education
This workshop is recognised by the International Coach Federation as 22.5 Continuing Coach Education Units (CCEU) in Core Coaching Competencies.

Alan was wonderful and the depth of the workshop was excellent. I thought it was excellent for personal growth, and for coaching and facilitating. I am a master coach with the ICF, but the ontological coaching approach seems much more integrated, and better quality. I am already applying it in my work in career coaching and in coaching middle management. What particularly resonated were the whole area of the body and the importance of not making presumptions. The depth of it was excellent.
Deborah Kinkead, Senior Manager, Telecommnications Company

Workshop Leaders
Alan Sieler is the founder and Director of Newfield Institute. As a world leader in ontological coaching he has written extensively on the relevance of Ontology to living, working, learning and coaching. His professional experience in education, training and consulting is extensive, having worked with multinational corporations and national organisations from Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Singapore, the United States and South Africa. Alan focuses on the communication processes that build a collaborative and high performance organisational culture. His work as a consultant, workshop leader and executive coach is solidly grounded and highly engaging.

Tony Liston is Director of Beyond Performance Leadership. He is a highly experienced international development professional, executive coach and change management adviser. Tony has a passion for helping individuals, teams and communities to transform through sustainable cultural change. Core principles that underpin his coaching are treating others with the deepest respect, dignity and compassion.

Ian Higginbottom is a businessman, coach and creator of community. Ian partners with organisations, businesses and work-teams to increase productivity, build highly effective working relationships and deal with the challenges, frustrations and possibilities of a constantly changing world. Ian cares about producing results and about people who work to produce results. Ian works with a scientifically and philosophically grounded approach to developing the capabilities of teams that is able to shift the fundamental drivers behind behaviors, skills and the ability to learn/adapt. This approach leads to positive changes that are not only lasting but that become self generating.