Better Conversations for Better Performance

Do you find it difficult having performance conversations with those your lead or work for? Are you challenged to find the right words and approach for getting better performance without risking relationships and trust?

This practical one-day workshop offers a powerful new approach to having the right conversations in the best way to enable people to build performance; solve problems innovatively; and to positively contribute to a collaborative, high performing culture.

Join Tony Liston and Di Miller for a profound learning experience that will allow you to:

Understand and practice the science and art of:

• making effective requests;

• gaining firm commitments;

• managing commitments; and

• effectively giving feedback in ways that build trust, relationships and performance rather than undermining them.

Significantly reduce the conversational waste your organisation endures when you don’t get what you want to the standard you require the first time you ask for it.

When and Where

VENUE: The Meeting Room, University House, Australian National University, Cnr Balmain Crescent and Liversidge Street, Acton.

PRICE: $620

INCLUDED: Free parking, workbook, morning and afternoon tea.


This workshop is based on the Ontological Coaching model* which is an extraordinarily powerful methodology for generating real change at the individual, team and organizational level. It is highly effective because it is based on a new practical understanding of the power of language, moods and conversations for sustainable behavioural and cultural change.

Way of Being

Ontological Coaching focuses on our Way of Being which is a dynamic interrelationship between three areas of human existence – language, emotions and body. Way of Being contains our often deep-seated perceptions and attitudes and is the underlying driver of our behavior and communication.

Effectiveness in our personal and professional life, and the quality of our existence, is indelibly shaped in our Way of Being.

For more information on Ontological Coaching, visit Newfield Institute

Way of Being Diagram

This practical workshop is interactive and provides insight and skills to empower us for a better way of living.

At the end of the workshop, you will be able to:

• Identify what makes for a “poor performing organisation”

• Managing Self and

• Leading Others.

• Apply foundation solutions to these problems including two key levers that you can pull to address them. Both levers are based on how you can ‘use and shift’ your own Way of Being to achieve the results you seek.

Who Will Benefit From Attending This Workshop

* People in leadership or management positions

* Anyone who leads or follows others

This workshop is for you if you are in a leadership or management position and you know that the only way work gets done is through people, but you don’t know exactly whether you need to change, they need to change or what needs to change.

This workshop is for you if you are working in public service, private enterprise, or the not for profit sector. You may be a board member, a staff member, a volunteer or a contractor. You may be managing one person or 50. You may be the CEO, a member of the executive, a manager, a first time coordinator or a staff member. You may be managing volunteers or a call centre or you may be managing yourself.

Perhaps you have already been trained in performance management where you were told how to access your organisation’s online reporting system and the time by which you needed to submit the forms – THIS WORKSHOP IS NOT ABOUT THAT

Perhaps you have been given lots of tips in giving and receiving feedback that have been helpful to you, but in some cases you are still left wondering “well how do I do that with this person?”

THIS WORKSHOP OFFERS MORE THAN THAT. You will learn about and experience the “How to of the How To” of performance conversations – for both giving and receiving feedback. This will not only help you and your organisation get what you want, but build those crucial relationships and trust even with the difficult conversations that you otherwise might have avoided or mucked up.

Workshop Leaders

Tony Liston is Director of Beyond Performance Leadership. He is a highly experienced international development professional, executive coach and change management adviser. Tony has a passion for helping individuals, teams and communities to transform through sustainable cultural change. Core principles that underpin his coaching are treating others with the deepest respect, dignity and compassion.

Di Miller is a Mentor Coach and Ontological Practitioner with over 15 years management experience working in public and private sectors in the areas of human resources, change management, career development, performance management and customer service. Di is passionate about building productive working relationships and uses a consulting, coaching approach to help individuals and organisations to increase their effectiveness.

FOR ENQUIRIES AND FURTHER INFORMATION Please contact: TONY LISTON Mobile: 0413 239 860, DI MILLER on 0439818980 Email:

$620 per participant by Direct Deposit to

BSB: 06 2914

Account No.: 1093 8213

Account Name: Beyond Performance Leadership

Reference: 162 (+ your surname)


Made payable to Beyond Performance Leadership


Cancellations notified in writing:

* 7 or more days prior to the workshop – refund available less a $110 administration fee

* Less than 7 days prior to the workshop – no refund but registration can be transferred to the next Beyond Performance Leadership workshop

Workshop based on the Ontological Coaching Model from Newfield