About Us

Beyond Performance Leadership is an international training and consulting company that specialises in:
• The holistic development of leaders, managers and coaches; and
• International Development, particularly as it relates to leadership, economic governance and development effectiveness.

We do this by partnering with individuals, organisations and communities in deep learning, coaching and leadership development to bring about sustainable cultural change.

We help our partners to observe differently what is going on for them and their organisations so they can take practical action to achieve outstanding results. Core principles that underpin our approach are treating others with the deepest respect, dignity and compassion.

In our training, coaching and consulting we go to the heart of how people function, learn and change in personal and professional settings. In organisations we collaborate with leadership teams to create high performance cultures of commitment, trust and accountability.

High quality leadership skills generate high performance cultures, where commitment, trust and accountability empower great teams to deliver sustainable solutions to the complex challenges of business development, community development and International Development.

Why “Beyond Performance”?
Many training and coaching courses deliver new knowledge, working with the assumption that KNOWING something new is the key to performance improvement. Our approach starts from the inside and works outwards.

We focus on what it takes to BE a leader in challenging contexts, prepared to DO what needs to be done, using KNOWLEDGE to work more effectively and deliver break-through results.

Our approach goes beyond performance to enable the increased resilience and wellbeing that delivers sustained and sustainable high performance leadership.

Ontological Coaching
“Ontology” is the study of being. We apply the proven discipline of Ontological Coaching to work with individuals and teams on what it takes to BE effective and productive.

This is an approach to human learning and performance that works with the three fundamental dimensions of being human – the critical areas of:
1. Language (speaking and listening)
2. Moods and emotions
3. Physiology (breathing, posture, muscle tension, etc)

Clients learn how to tap into the deep-seated perceptions and attitudes that drive their behaviour and communication, and hence create their results.

Through this holistic approach our programs enable individuals and teams to become more effective in dealing with important professional, organisational and political issues as well as the stress and trauma that challenging times create.

Our clients find access to a deep sense of meaning and purpose, which over time increases their creativity, quality strategic thinking, ability to communicate, their relationships.

We deliver more than performance – our programs increase wellbeing, resilience, influencing capability and leadership skill, multiplying the performance of our clients in their work and their life. Increased resilience increases their capability to deliver profound and sustainable change.

If you want to become a highly effective leader and a powerful coach, enabling and empowering those around you to achieve outstanding results (particularly in the International Development space) then contact us now to discuss a program tailored to your needs.

Who Are We?
Beyond Performance Leadership was founded by Director Tony Liston in 2014 to bring the power of Ontological Coaching to bear on the challenges of community and economic development in Australia and internationally.
His experience in both international and domestic public sector management, leadership and governance gives him unique insight into the realities and politics of change management. He has held senior positions in both the PNG and Australian governments.
Tony identified that there is tremendous potential to create a network that would bring together the latest in International Development, coaching, innovation delivery and stress management together to create a powerful new way to deliver sustainable cultural change.

Leadership Coaching, Innovation and International Development
What’s all this leadership stuff got to do with International Development anyway?

Fundamentally, International Development is about changing the human systems that underpin communities, organisations, businesses and government. Changing those systems requires good communication skills, excellent influencing skills and a level of performance that builds trust and confidence. It requires high levels of leadership capability.

By employing the Ontological Coaching framework in conjunction with other carefully selected knowledge bases, we operate from a unique set of key distinctions around how change happens. We observe things that are often not noticed by other International Development practitioners or by Australian domestic policy makers and implementers.

The distinctions we use and teach make a critical difference to how our clients – both as individuals and in teams – operate to facilitate change.

For sustainable change to happen, an innovation must be technically correct, politically possible and owned and led by actors who have a legitimate stake in the change. Our coaching and training equips those key players with the way of being to take the technical response and apply it through a political process.

It is through fostering and supporting local leaders to manage themselves and lead others that Beyond Performance Leadership makes a significant contribution, both in local development overseas as well as in Australia. Ontological Coaching is the most powerful human leadership development approach we have come across to help these actors.

Interestingly, despite the focus in the size of budgets and calls for rational investment decisions, money is one of the least important factors in successful International Development projects.Richard Moore, Former Deputy Director General, Australian Agency for International Development

More about Ontological Coaching
We leverage the rich inquiry-based methods of Ontological Coaching developed by Newfield Institute in Australia. Ontological Coaching integrates a diverse range of knowledge from linguistics, neurobiology, communications, philosophy and physiology to deliver a unique approach to professional development and performance improvement.

Founded by Alan Sieler in 1996, Newfield Institute provides coaching and consulting services in Australia. Alan is the author of the highly acclaimed three volume series Coaching to the Human Soul: Ontological Coaching and Deep Change that has sold in over 45 countries.

Through our programs you will experience layers of insight and discover new distinctions that will dramatically differentiate your coaching and leadership practice.